• 100% BlueScope Steel
  • 15 year BlueScope Steel structural warranty
  • 450 Mpa (or greater) on all structural components
  • Fully bolted frames on all buildings plus structural screws
  • No welding for greater strength
  • Premium quality steel building solutions

  Spans: 6 to 40M
Heights: 2.4 to 7M
Bay Widths: 3 to 8M
Up to 12m for Open Bay One Side)

Wind Rating:   41ms -  69 ms (metres per sec)
147 kmh - 248 kmh
91mph - 154mphto
Roof Pitch:   From 11 to 22 degrees


Large Lable Industrial | Commercial | Machinery:


Barn Styles:



  3.5m up to 6m (or greater)

Skillion (LeanTo):

  2.7m to 5m (depends on span)


  3.6 to 5m for centre building
Skillion height minimum  is 2.4


  3.5m up to 12m (or greater)



Bay Width:

  Distance between Column Centres along side wall (Under the Eaves)


  From top of slab or footing to underside of the roof sheet at side wall of main building
The wall height of a skillion (Lean To) is derived from main building height less the Drop between that and the lean to roof less the height from the slop of the lean to roof. Cannot be less than 2.4


  Width of building measured to inside of cladding


  Overall length of building measured from inside of the sheeting ie slab size


  Is the height of the pelmet drop from Eaves of main building to where the skillion (Lean To) attaches. If no drop (Aussie Barn style the roof will be continuous with no gutter on main building


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